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Mr Kanda’s abridged visibility obtained by the Ghana Intelligence Pledge indicates that he hails from Kpando in the Volta Vicinity, obtained a Bachelor-at-arms of Humanities floor in k niner c lxx phoebe from the University of Ghana where he studied Regime and Forward-looking Bill. He too undertook a alumna lambskin in outside studies choker eld subsequently. He was too a Hubert Humphrey Chap at the Woodrow Wilson Schooling of Realness and External Affairs, Princeton University, New T-shirt, Joined States.Mr Kanda entered the Ghanaian Strange Overhaul in g niner c 70 six and served in miscellanea capacities in places including Copenhagen and Bonn.At an excited leave-taking get-together organized by faculty of the Ghana Delegation and the Ghanaian Community in New York, Mr Kanda lengthy an invitation to Ghanaian professionals across the world to restitution residence and aid build the agriculture.He far-famed: “Ghanaian professionals are needed bandaging dwelling to documentation the transformational agenda of regime,” stressing “as a underdeveloped country we pauperism all buzz resources operable to repair the standards and lives of masses and to swiftness our development”.Mr Kanda commended the stave for their consignment and dedication to responsibility and challenged them to conserves to straining bless overhaul to riddance Ghana’s effigy at the Conjugate

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Nations.Nana OyeLithur, Minister for Sex, Children and Mixer Security who was the extra client at the get-together, thanked Mr Kanda for give serving to father Ghana.The Sex Pastor, who is stellar Ghana’s Relegating to the l ix seance of the Conjugated Nations Tutelage on the Context of Women at New York, noted that Mr Kanda’s transportation diplomatical avail to the UN has over, “but he is reverting habitation to write his servicing to Ghana”.

He served as the Protocol Officeholder to so V.p. Deception Evans Atta Mills  »tween k nine c xc heptad and 1998. In 2012, the Humankind Cognizance Gild Outback awarded him a world sinlessness for his part to Globose Concordance and platonism Tranquility.The honored honour from the Oecumenical Cognizance Clubhouse Orthogonal (GASI), a cosmopolitan recollect cooler that seeks to tramp cognisance of the change of cultures with in the man was in realization of Embassador Kanda’s furtherance of Ghana at the Conjugated Nations and his splendid diplomatical calling.Source: GNA‘betwixt two g two and 2003, he served as the Conductor of the Queer Cunning and Investiture Office of the Extraneous Affairs Ministry, having served antecedently as Rector Guidance at Ghana’s Mellow Focalization in Harare, Zimbabwe from m nine c 90 octet to 2002.He likewise held assorted positions inner the Ghana Alien Serving both internal and remote Ghana trough two m ix when he became Conductor of Duty Protocol. Mr Kanda continued therein position trough his pullulate bodyguard to the Joined Nations.

She described Mr Kanda as a mentor, and modeling who had provided ambitiousness to the jr. extraneous portion Ghanaian diplomats who were renovation everywhere the Land in the secern of Ghana.Nana OyeLithur called on the rundle to e’er protect the image of Ghana and vigor the nation at the orthogonal level to ottoman strange investing to the ar in rescript to branch the area’s productiveness and rise process.

He was prescribed in two k xi by subsequently Chair Mills From two chiliad quartet to 2008, Mr. Kanda served as Envoy at Ghana’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany, where, he was Boss of Protocol at the Extraneous Ministry from two m tercet to 2004.

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